Hibernate Training in Tirunelveli

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Now, we look for what is Hibernate and why do we really go for this? Hibernate is a library that gives you an object-relational mapping, providing a framework for mapping an object based terminology into a relational database.

We are the most awarded Hibernate Training institutes in Tirunelveli. In Hibernate, Mapping of Java classes to database tables is achieved by XML configurations. When using an XML file, Hibernate by itself generates the source code for the persistent classes. Hibernate switches between annotations and XML schema to define the Java classes. It also facilitates to arrange one-to-many and many-to-many mapping between various classes. In spite of these mappings, Hibernate also maintains reflexive associations where an object has a one-to-many relationship with classes of its own type.

We, at PG Embedded System, help you achieve the best skillset to showcase your framework competences. Our training, besides focusing on the academic front, we guarantee you with a strong foundation in this framework through our well-defined hands-on sessions.

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Object Persistence
Hibernate Architecture
Persistent Classes
Working with Persistent Objects
Other Associations
Value Type Collections
Transitive Persistence
Custom Mapping
Transactions and Concurrency
Fetching Strategies


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