S.NO                             TITLES
1               Multi-Node Wireless Energy Charging in Sensor Networks
2              Analysis of a “/0” Stealth Scan From a Botnet
3              Learning-Based Uplink Interference Management in 4G LTE Cellular Systems
4              DTN-FLOW: Inter-Landmark Data Flow for High-Throughput Routing in DTNs
5              DTN-Meteo: Forecasting the Performance of DTN Protocols Under Heterogeneous Mobility
6              Analysis of Application-Layer Filtering Policies With Application to HTTP
7              A Graph-Theoretic Approach to Scheduling in Cognitive Radio Networks
8             A Traffic Load Balancing Framework for Software-Defined Radio Access Networks Powered by Hybrid Energy Sources
9             Wireless Network Intrinsic Secrecy
10            FMTCP: A Fountain Code-Based Multipath Transmission Control Protocol
11            Backpressure Delay Enhancement for Encounter-Based Mobile Networks While Sustaining Throughput Optimality
12           A Poisson Hidden Markov Model for Multiview Video Traffic
13           Backoff Design for IEEE 802.11 DCF Networks: Fundamental Tradeoff and Design Criterion
14            Connectivity-Based Segmentation in Large-Scale 2-D/3-D Sensor Networks: Algorithm and Applications
15            On Asymptotic Statistics for Geometric Routing Schemes in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
16            Efficient Allocation of Periodic Feedback Channels in Broadband Wireless Networks
17           Fast and Accurate Estimation of RFID Tags
18            A Hierarchical Account-Aided Reputation Management System for MANETs
19           Achieving Optimal Throughput Utility and Low Delay With CSMA-Like Algorithms: A Virtual Multichannel Approach
20            Receiver-Based Flow Control for Networks in Overload
21           Offering Supplementary Network Technologies: Adoption Behavior and Offloading Benefits
22           On the Delay Performance in a Large-Scale Wireless Sensor Network: Measurement, Analysis, and Implications
23            Scheduling in Networks With Time-Varying Channels and Reconfiguration Delay
24            Capacity Achieving Distributed Scheduling With Finite Buffers
25            Optimizing Data Plane Resources for Multipath Flows
26            Multipath TCP: Analysis, Design, and Implementation
27            Analysis and Experimental Verification of Frequency-Based Interference Avoidance Mechanisms in IEEE 802.15.4
28            Joint Scheduling and Fast Cell Selection in OFDMA Wireless Networks
29            AWG-Based Non-Blocking Clos Networks
30           Whispers in the Hyper-Space: High-Bandwidth and Reliable Covert Channel Attacks Inside the Cloud
31           Fair Virtualization of 802.11 Networks
32           Maximizing Submodular Set Function With Connectivity Constraint: Theory and Application to Networks
33           Adapting Cellular Networks to Whitespaces Spectrum
34           Optimal Slot Assignment for Binary Tracking Tree Protocol in RFID Tag Identification
35           Evolution of the Internet Economic Ecosystem

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