S.NO          TITLES                                                                DOMAIN
1.           Classification on the Monogenic Scale                    Image processing
              Space - SAR      
2.          Spectral Laplace-Beltrami Wavelets With                MEDICAL IMAGING
             Applications in Medical Images.
3.          Accurate Stereo Matching by Two-Step Energy       Image processing
4.         Exploring Sparseness and Self-Similarity                  Image processing
           for Action Recognition.
5.       A Source-Channel Coding Approach to Digital          Image processing
           Image Protection and Self-Recovery
6.       Swarm Intelligence for Detecting Interesting              Image processing
          Events in Crowded Environments
7.      Sparse Dissimilarity-Constrained Coding for              Biomedical engineering
          Glaucoma Screening
8.       Detection and Rectification of Distorted                     PATTERN ANALYSIS AND             Fingerprints                                                                  MACHINE INTELLIGENCE
9.       Face Recognition Across Non-Uniform Motion Blur,    Image processing
          Illumination, and Pose
10.     A novel license plate location method based on
          wavelet transform and EMD analysis
11.       Energy Efficient Hybrid MAC Protocol for Cluster-
            Based Wireless Sensor Network.
12.       Modeling and Controller Design of a Semi-Isolated      POWER ELECTRONICS
            Multi-Input Converter for Hybrid PV/Wind Power  
            Charger System
13.       Robust Histogram Shape-Based Method for Image        Circuits and systems
            Watermarking                                                                   for video technology
14.       Noninvasive Real-Time Automated Skin Lesion            Detection and Prevention
            Analysis System for Melanoma Early 
15.       Combining Facial Dynamics With Appearance for         IMAGE PROCESSING
            Age Estimation
16.       DCDC buck power converter as a smooth starter for       POWER ELECTRONICS
             a dc motor based on a hierarchica
17.       Hybrid type full bridge dcdc converter with                     POWER ELECTRONICS
            high efficiency
18.       New extendable single stage multi input DC–DCAC       POWER ELECTRONICS
            boost converter
19.      New Control of PV Solar Farm as STATCOM                  Power Delivery
           (PV-STATCOM) for Increasing Grid Power
          Transmission Limits During Night and Day
20.      PISA: Pixel wise Image Saliency by Aggregating              IMAGE PROCESSING
           Complementary Appearance Contrast Measures
           With Edge-Preserving Coherence
21.     Automatic Face Naming by Learning Discriminative          Neural networks and                   Affinity Matrices From Weakly Labeled Images                   learning systems
22.      Extracting 3D Layout From a Single Image                          IMAGE PROCESSING
          Using Global Image Structures
23.      Reactive Power Compensation and Optimization Strategy     Power electronics
           for Grid-Interactive Cascaded Photovoltaic Systems                
24.      Steganography Using Reversible Texture                                Image processing
25.       Lossless and Reversible Data Hiding in                                   Circuits and Systems 
            Encrypted Images with Public Key                                           for Video Technology
26.      Removing Camera Shake via Weighted Fourier Burst           IMAGE PROCESSING
27.       RRW—A Robust and Reversible Watermarking                   Knowledge and 
           Technique for Relational Data                                                 data engineering
28.     Scalable Mobile Image Retrieval by Exploring                       IMAGE PROCESSING
         Contextual Saliency
29.      Segmentation-Based Image Copy-Move Forgery                 Information forensics                 Detection Scheme                                                                   and security
30.     Semi-Local Structure Patterns for Robust Face                     Signal processing letters
31.      Spatial Coherence Based Batch Mode Active Learning       IMAGE PROCESSING
           for Remote Sensing Image Classification
32.      Head Pose Estimation From a 2D Face Image Using            IMAGE PROCESSING
           3D Face Morphing
33.     Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing for Regenerating-         Information forensics                                                                                                                  and security
34.      Image Forgery Detection Using Adaptive Over-                  Information forensics and                                                                                                           security


           Segmentation and Feature Point Matching

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