S.NO                       TITLES
1          Mining Spatial-Temporal Patterns and Structural Sparsity for Human Motion Data Denoising
2          Real-Time Human Movement Retrieval and Assessment With Kinect Sensor
3           Online Anomaly Detection in Crowd Scenes via Structure Analysis
4           Reinforcement-Learning-Based Robust Controller Design for Continuous-Time Uncertain Nonlinear Systems                    Subject to Input Constraints
5           Active Learning With Imbalanced Multiple Noisy Labeling
6           An Incremental and Distributed Inference Method for Large-Scale Ontologies Based on MapReduce Paradigm
7           Consensus of Linear Multi-Agent Systems by Distributed Event-Triggered Strategy
8           Feature Selection in Supervised Saliency Prediction
9            Learning Local Appearances With Sparse Representation for Robust and Fast Visual Tracking
10         Learning Spatio-Temporal Representations for Action Recognition: A Genetic Programming Approach
11         A Competitive Swarm Optimizer for Large Scale Optimization
12          Boosting for Multi-Graph Classification
13           Learning to Rank Using User Clicks and Visual Features for Image Retrieval
14         Adaptive Distributed Outlier Detection for WSNs
15           Multitask Spectral Clustering by Exploring Intertask Correlation
16           A New Multivariate Approach for Prognostics Based on Extreme Learning Machine and Fuzzy Clustering
17          Hierarchical Bayesian Inverse Reinforcement Learning
18           Adaptive Neural Control for Dual-Arm Coordination of Humanoid Robot With Unknown Nonlinearities in                        Output Mechanism
19           Rating Knowledge Sharing in Cross-Domain Collaborative Filtering
20           Feedback Error Learning Control of Magnetic Satellites Using Type-2 Fuzzy Neural Networks With Elliptic                      Membership Functions
21           Filtering of Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Systems With Intermittent Measurements
22           Graph Embedded Extreme Learning Machine
23           Graph-Based Segmentation for RGB-D Data Using 3-D Geometry Enhanced Superpixels
24           Person Reidentification by Minimum Classification Error-Based KISS Metric Learning
25           Notice of Violation of IEEE Publication Principles Multiobjective Reinforcement Learning: A Comprehensive                  Overview
26           Adaptive Memetic Computing for Evolutionary Multi objective Optimization
27           Image Classification with Densely Sampled Image Windows and Generalized Adaptive Multiple Kernel                            Learning
28            3-D Model-Based Tracking for UAV Indoor Localization
29             Parameter Selection of Gaussian Kernel for One-Class SVM

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