Projects List

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1 2013_IEEE Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) A State-of-the-Art Review
2 Improved Additive-Wavelet Image Fusion
3 2013-IEEE Joint Base Station Association and Power Control via Benders#U2019 Decomposition
4 Interpolation-Based Direction-Adaptive Lifting DWT and Mod
6 MRI Fuzzy Segmentation of Brain Tissue Using Neighborhood Attraction With Neural-Network Optimization
7 EEG signal classification using PCA, ICA, LDA and support vector machines Abdulhamit Subasi
8 2013_IEEE Demosaicking of Noisy Bayer-Sampled Color
9 Face Recognition Using Principal Component Analysis and Wavelet Packet Decomposition
10 Recognition of Human Iris Patterns
11 2013-IEEE Efficient Multi-Link Failure Localization Schemes in All-Optical Networks
12 An IHS-Based Fusion for Color Distortion Reduction
13 Shadow Compensation Using Fourier Analysis
14 2013-IEEE A Directional-Edge-Based Real-Time Object Tracking System Employing Multiple Candidate-Location Generation
15 2013-IEEE Energy and Spectral Efficiency of Very Large Multiuser MIMO Systems
16 2013_IEEE Quality-Centric TCP-Friendly Congestion
17 An automated supervised method for the diagnosis of Alzheimer#U2019s disease based on fMRI data using weighted voting schemes
18 2013-IEEE Quaternionic Attitude Estimation for Robotic and Human Motion Tracking Using Sequential Monte Carlo Methods with von Mises-Fisher and Non Uniform Densities Simulations
19 2013_IEEE Video Object Tracking in the Compressed Domain
20 2013-IEEE Design of Irregular Repeat-Accumulate Coded Physical-Layer Network Coding for Gaussian Two-Way Relay Channels
21 A New Supervised Method for Blood Vessel Segmentation in Retinal Images by Using Gray-Level and Moment Invariants-Based Features
22 Video-BasedoncooperativeIris ImageSegmentation
23 Energy-Efficient Target Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks
24 Breast Ultrasound Segmentation Using Morphologic Operators and a Gaussian Function Constraint
25 2013_IEEE Local Edge-Preserving Multiscale Decomposition
26 Choice 1
27 Image Transmission Using Turbo Codes
28 A Cooperative and Alternate PTS Scheme for PAPR Reduction in STBC MIMO-OFDM System
29 2013-IEEE Energy-Aware Competitive Power Control in Relay-Assisted Interference Wireless Networks
30 2013-IEEE Distributed Multiple Target-SINRs Tracking Power Control in Wireless Multirate Data Networks
31 Adaptive Digital Video Transmission in MIMO Systems
32 Evaluation of ECG Signals for Mental Stress Assessment using Fuzzy Technique
33 2013_IEEE Unsupervised Detection of Built-Up Areas From
34 Linear-precodng
35 Exploring Whole Brain fMRI Data with Unsupervised Artificial Neural Networks
36 2012-IEEE Design and Analysis of Deterministic Distributed Beamforming Algorithms in the Presence of Noise
37 Privacy Protection of Fingerprint Database
38 CORMAN A Novel Cooperative Opportunistic Routing Scheme in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
39 2013-IEEE High Spectral Ef fi ciency 400 Gbs Transmission Using PDM Time-Domain Hybrid 32#U201364 QAM and Training-Assisted Carrier Recovery
40 Research on Preprocessing Algorithm for PET-CT Image Registration
41 Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Image
42 Removal of noise through medial filter Through Modified De
43 2013-IEEE Interference Coordination Random Clustering and Adaptive Limited Feedback
44 Standard Deviation for Obtaining the Optimal
46 Local Derivative Pattern Versus Local Binary Pattern Face Recognition With High-Order
47 Minimax Design of Complex-Coefficient FIR Filters with Low Group Delay
48 Noise Cancellation on ECG and Heart Rate Signals Using the Undecimated Wavelet Transform
49 2013-IEEE Frequency Domain Packet Scheduling with MIMO for 3GPP LTE Downlink
50 image mosaicing using carar tecquiches
51 2013_IEEE What Are We Tracking A Uni#Ufb01ed Approach of Tracking and Recognition
52 Detecting Recompression of JPEG Images via Periodicity Ana
53 Adaptive Directional Lifting-Based Wavelet Transform for Image Coding
54 Optimal coordination of distance and over-current relays in series compensated systems based on MAPSO
55 Combined Edge Segment Texture Analysis for the Detection of Damaged Buildings in Crisis Areas
56 2013-IEEE Feedback Power Control with Bit Error Outage Probability QoS Measure on the
57 The Content-Based Image Retrieval using the Pulse Coupled Neural Network
58 2013_IEEE A Spike-Based Model of Neuronal Intrinsic Plasticity
59 filter & denoising
60 2013_IEEE Affective Labeling in a Content-Based Recommender System for Images
61 2013_IEEE Compacted Codewor d Huffman Decoding
62 A robust digital watermarking scheme for video copyright protection in the wavelet domain
63 2013_IEEE An Optimal Blind Temporal Motion
64 2013-IEEE A CMOS Power-Ef fi cient Low-Noise Current-Mode Front-End Ampli fi er for Neural Signal Recording
65 2013_IEEE Interactive Segmentation for Change Detection in Multispectral Remote-Sensing Images
66 New Breed of Network Fault-Tolerant Voltage-Source-Converter HVDC Transmission System
67 battery charging with mppt
68 locally adaptive bilateral clustering for image deblurring and sharpness enchancement Local Pattern Descriptor
69 2013_IEEE Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)